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Storage and logistics

Do you have a lack of space, do you spend too much time in sending promotional material? It is often cheaper to let us handle this. With our air conditioned warehouse we are perfectly equipped to store your promotional material. If you want we can do the same for your brochures and leaflets. We have a wide range of packaging material available for quick and efficient dispatch. It is so efficient, in fact, that it is usually cheaper if you let us handle it.

Your own shop

Do you want to put together a range of products with your corporate identity? And do you want to make this available for your organisation online? Gifts and Gadgets has the solution for you!

We help you select the products and display the items in a webshop developed for you in your house style. It can be integrated in your own site or be completely autonomous. Authorised users can view the webshop and order items with one click of the mouse. Orders and order status can be checked at any time, as well as available stocks.

On request you will receive a message when the stocks fall below a certain predefined limit. Are you interested in this option? We will be glad to come and see you to discuss the options.

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